Ewelina Gajewska

Text Processing Research | Data Science

I have completed a master's degree in cognitive science at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. I was a student research assistant in a National Science Centre funded project (SONATA 16 program) working on computational pathos during my master’s studies. I am a PhD student at Warsaw University of Technology in the iTRUST project, focusing on analysis of conflict and polarisation in social media. My research interests centre around computational social science combining natural language processing (NLP) techniques and theoretical background of social science.

Newest publications:

Ewelina Gajewska, Katarzyna Budzynska, Barbara Konat, Marcin Koszowy, Konrad Kiljan, Maciej Uberna, He Zhang. (2024). Ethos and Pathos in Online Group Discussions: Corpora for Polarisation Issues in Social Media. arXiv preprint, arXiv:2404.04889. DOI 10.48550/arXiv.2404.04889.

Ewelina Gajewska. (2023, July). eevvgg at SemEval-2023 Task 11: Offensive Language Classification with Rater-based Information. In: Proceedings of the 17th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation, pp. 171–176, Toronto, Canada. Association for Computational Linguistics.